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Private Shows

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For the past 15 years I have been presenting a regular evening show  on the Folklore of Ireland in Dublin in the Brazen Head pub. My guests have come from every corner of the globe. I have also performed the show at a number of Irish arts festivals across the country. In addition, I have  presented this show in the the USA, France and Australia.


The show has been regularly rated as the top evening entertainment for visitors to Dublin on Trip Advisor. It also received numerous awards for excellence from the clients of CIE tours. Unfortunately, due to numerous Covid-related issues, this show is no longer running at the Dublin venue. 


As I live near Kilkenny, I have been performing this show in the Marble City for a number of months during the past summer. I am fortunate to have a beautifully designed and decorated private, air-conditioned performance-space available to me for groups in Bollards bar in Kilkenny city centre. 


In addition to continuing in the Kilkenny venue to perform for pre-booked groups, my intention for 2023 and subsequent years is to travel to other locations across Ireland to facilitate groups in their hotels or at another convenient location and at a time that would suit groups. If necessary, I can arrange a venue in a particular town where clients’ hotel may not have a suitable performance space. 


The show lasts around two hours - but this can be easily adapted to suit a tour schedule. The show can be performed as a stand-alone entity or as an after-dinner event at any time of the day or evening. 


As I am a qualified national tour guide, I am aware that tour itineraries and prices may be already set for next year. However , I believe that the show could be offered as an optional extra along the way. All I would need is 48 hours notice. 

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